Web Service Plans1

Essentials Plan - $50 per month

Premium Plan - $100 per month

Domain names:

1 Domain Name setup and registration (.com or .ca).

2 Domain Name setup and registration (.com or .ca).

Monthly updates:

4 hours of website updates per month.

8 hours of free website updates per month.

Complimentary2 maintenance:



SSL (Secure Socket Layer, essential for e-commerce sites and others requiring users to enter personal information)

Ask for annual billing and save 25% on your web plan!

(Annual billing on a Premium Web Plan saves you $300 per year)

Additional Services

  • Domain-based email (E.g., name@yourbusinessname.com) for use across all devices - $10.00 per month per user.
  • Additional Domain Name Registrations - $5.00 per month.
  • Extra updates - Additional time spent on monthly updates will be at $30.00/hour, billed on ¼ hour intervals.


1Organizations and individuals wanting more static sites, i.e. infrequent updates to content, may qualify for a one-time payment once the site is developed, followed by a small annual hosting and maintenance fee.

2Bug fixes and content corrections will be taken care of upon request and will not count towards your allotted monthly update time.